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Case Western Reserve University
Interfaith Mural- January 2007- October 2007

During the unveiling of The Interfaith Mural leaders from five different campus ministries were asked to share a blessing prayer or perspective on the meaning of water in their faith tradition. The results were a collection of poems, reflections and prayers interlaced with music by the Cleveland Boys Choir, and sitar player Hasu Patel.

During the 2006- 2007 school year the students of Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland School for the Arts, the five campus ministries of the Interfaith Center and artist Katherine Chilcote worked on a mural for the side of The Interfaith Center of Case Western Reserve University. The mural depicts the spiritual meaning of water as an expression of peace between our faith communities.

Artists Lecture Series- 14 artists participated in our lecture series at the Interfaith Center of Case Western Reserve Unversity during the Spring Semester of 2007.  These lecture series were aimed at encouraging interfaith dialogue through the sharing of one’s own faith journey as expressed through art.   ( attach list of artists bios )

Case Conflict Resolution sessions- Three conflict resolution sessions occurred as a preliminary exercise to designing the imagery for the Interfaith mural. These workshops were led by Doug Horner and Katherine Chilcote exploring the concepts of communication, collaboration and resolution.

Interfaith Seder- As a culmination of the design phase of the Interfaith Mural, students who had participated in the imagery workshops, and conflict resolutions workshops were invited to celebrate the project  designs at an Interfaith Seder.
The Interfaith Seder explored the traditional holidays, and the ways that the practices and traditions of Seder overlap with non Judaic traditions. ( photo of Seder )