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Murals with a Mission

Fairmount Presbyterian Church
November 2006- March 2007

mural at fpc from l to r

During the winter of 2007 Building Bridges worked with the members of Fairmount Presbyterian Church to create a commemorative mural for their 90th anniversary. The mural titled Journeys of Faith was inspired by group interview sessions between artist Katherine Chilcote and members of Fairmount Presbyterian Church. The members of the church shared personal stories about their spiritual journeys that were then depicted in the mural.  The testimonies shared were created into a book, and have become an ongoing oral history project for the church.

At the unveiling of this mural, composer Don Chilcote created 5 pieces of piano music that were reflective of the various contributors testimonies and faith journeys. The congregants involved in this project shared their testimonies at the unveilings, as Don Chilcote responded with musical reflections. A few examples are included below each of the murals below.

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